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Keir Atwood Dullea – Buck’s County Private High School
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We finally have a middle name for our guy. Drum rollllllllll….. It’s Keir Atwood Dullea. As if we didn’t already know how cute he is we get a cute, apropos middle name. Here are the scans I was able to get. By the way, I thought I’d let you know, I got the scans off of an Ebay listing. Beware of the listing. With the exception of the images I posted, the listing is asking a whole whack for the book. It’s listed at a whopping $99.99 with shipping free. Nothing gets my goat more than making money off of fans who would likely pay that amount. It’s like those who stake out celebrities and ask for their autographs only to go home and put it up on Ebay for close to the same amount as above. And a word to the wise, don’t post something online you don’t want out there. I have stated that none of the images on this site belong to me. I don’t carp when people take images from the gallery that I’ve provided freely…because none of the images belong to me. As for the ones Emily provided, she actually went to see Keir at the Monsterpalooza event and took the time to take the images herself. I appropriately credited her for her kind donation. More after the cut.



My apologies for not having being around. I’ve been going through some personal things and have had to take a bit of time away from the web. I’ve also had some issues regarding server space and the need to buy another package in order to keep this site on the web. Donations are greatly appreciated. Anything will help. I’m in the process of trying to get back into the swing. I have several images I want to get up in the gallery, namely event images with Keir. I have to tag them. Nothing intrusive, just a little something to let people know where the images came from. Hope you don’t mind?

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  1. Emily Nguyen, 17 August 2013:

    Omg Omg OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Pictures of my dreams… Keir’s HIGH SCHOOL PHOTOS!!!! Omg Dianne, I wanna slobber you with kisses and hugs OMG. This is the first thing that ‘woke’ me up for the whole day haha!!! Look it that GORGEOUS face!!! I still can’t believe he NEVER dated in high school–it’s so hard to believe!!! Omg why are you doing this to me???!!! Now I feel so pedo just looking at his picture!!!

    And no worries, we’re all busy here. I don’t go on to my PC that often anymore since I’m always busy busy busy with life and work lol. Everybody have their priorities and they should focus on the things that matter most to them 🙂

  2. keir dullea online, 18 August 2013:


    So glad I could, um, fulfill your drool quotient for the day. Yes Keir was a hottie back in the day. I did not know he hadn’t dated. Shame really. If I’d been at his high school I would have been jumping his bones. Yeah I’m that shallow. And no probs with your ‘pedo’ obsession. I’ve had a few shameless thoughts myself that include a desk and a chalkboard.

    Thanks for understanding. Things have been a little upset here. Too much for my liking quite frankly. I’m hoping to get back into the swing.


  3. Nichole Clay, 18 August 2013:

    Keir looks adorable cut in that high school yearbook. I love “Atwood” as a nickname. George School is 3-4 hours away from where I live. I mom consided enrollment me in George School when I was in my second yesr of high school, but enrolled me in a private school close in the city.

    Although he didn’t date much iwhen he was younger, He was too hot for high school . Acto George Segal was also a fellow classmate of Keir’s at George School. Like Emily, I’m drooling like crazy.
    These days, I’m also been having some personal and importsnt professional matters that I had to intend. Thanks for the pic Dianne!

  4. keir dullea online, 21 August 2013:


    I agree on Keir’s adorability. Atwood is his middle name. I think it suits him. That is so cool that your mom was considering enrolling you in the same school. I would think though the private school was better though. I went to a ‘public’ high school and really wish I’d been able to go to a private one. I think I might have learned more. LOL!!!

    I couldn’t agree more on Keir being “too hot!” I also think he was too pretty. Keir just had that face that smacked of atypical ‘boy’ pretty. I’d have to say though I’d have found it difficult to ignore him. His personality just speaks of a special nature. I did not know that George Segal was a classmate. Thanks for letting me know this.

    You keep that droolage in check there! LOL!!!

    I hope things go a little better for you Nichole. There’s way too much pressure on us these days. Just keep your head up. And you’re more than welcome. I was glad to share.


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