Welcome to the gallery of ODYSSEY ~ KEIR DULLEA ONLINE part of keirdullea.org. This is the largest collection of images of Keir on the web. Contained are screencaps from Keir's various film and television works and where possible, his stage work. Also included are press scans, newspaper and magazine clippings, and other miscellanea in the life and career of Keir Dullea. Please feel free to browse, however, if posting to another forum, credit back to ODYSSEY. Though the work is not mine, it has taken some time to put this gallery together. Copyright holders, please read here.

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Where did you first see Keir Dullea: Law & Order: SVU? I had heard of the name but just now really getting to know him. :)
What is your favourite Keir Dullea Role: Dave Bowman
THIS IS MANDATORY FOR YOUR REGISTRATION TO BE APPROVED; How has Keir's work affected you?: I love Keir for his wonderful disposition, his humour and his enthusiasm for all of the projects he's been in. He's a true gentleman. :)
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