Welcome to ODYSSEY ~ KEIR DULLEA ONLINE a site dedicated to the career of actor Keir Dullea. Best known for his role as Commander Dave Bowman in Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. In a career that has spanned five decades, Keir has worked in film and television including Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Castle, Damages, The Hoodlum Priest, Bunny Lake Is Missing, The Fox, Paperback Hero, David & Lisa, Madame X, Isn't It Delicious, and the sequel to 2001, 2010: Odyssey Two. Keir's favourite medium is the stage where he's starred in such projects as the original production of Butterflies Are Free, On Golden Pond, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, Doubles, Dr. Cook's Garden, I Never Sang for My Father, The Shawshank Redemption, Tales from Hollywood, The Cherry Orchard and many other workshop productions.

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Keir To Attend Special Screening Of “David & Lisa”
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Just got a news alert about this:

David & Lisa, an unusual love story, will be screened at The Ridgefield Playhouse

A stark and spare look at the world of the mentally disturbed, David & Lisa was one of the beacons of the American independent film movement in the early 1960s and was nominated for an Academy Award in 1963. Shot in black + white, it is a poignant story about two adolescents who connect in a home for emotionally disturbed youngsters. The screening of David & Lisa at The Ridgefield Playhouse on Friday, July 6, at 7:30 p.m. is a presentation of The Ridgefield Playhouse Film Society Lost & Found Film Series. Actor Keir Dullea will be on hand for a Q&A with hosts Ira Joe Fisher and Morton Dean, Emmy Award-winning television journalists. This event is sponsored by Cohen and Wolf, P.C., HB Group, The Ridgefield Press and Sony XDCAM HC.

Directed by Frank Perry and written by his wife Eleanor Perry, the groundbreaking independent film David & Lisa earned each of them Academy Award nominations for “Best Director” and “Best Adapted Screenplay”. In 1962, David & Lisa was nominated for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival where it won the Opera Prima award for “Best New Work.” For his sensitive portrayal in David & Lisa, Keir Dullea received a Golden Globe Award and the San Francisco International Film Festival’s Golden Gate Award for “Best Actor“.

Actor Keir Dullea plays the role of David who is placed in the home by his mother because of his constant fear of being touched. While in the company of others who have mental and emotional problems, David begins to understand his own psychosis and soon develops a relationship with Lisa (played by Janet Margolin), a 15-year old girl suffering from schizophrenia, who develops a strange attraction to David.

Known primarily as a stage actor, Keir Dullea made a critically acclaimed film debut in 1961’sThe Hoodlum Priest, playing a born-to-hang juvenile delinquent. After working on the original 1964 version of The Thin Red Line, Dullea starred with Laurence Olivier in Otto Preminger’s Bunny Lake Is Missing in 1965. Based solely on Dullea’s work in these four films, including David & Lisa, Stanley Kubrick cast him in the lead role of David Bowman, the astronaut in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the seminal 1968 classic science fiction film. In 1984, Keir Dullea repeated his award-winning role in director Peter Hyams’ 2010: The Year We Make Contact, the sequel to Kubrick’s epic 2001: A Space Odyssey.

For reserved seating, ($10 adults, $7.50 seniors, $5 students), call or visit the box office at (203) 438-5795, or go to The Ridgefield Playhouse is a not-for-profit performing arts center located at 80 East Ridge, parallel to Main Street, Ridgefield, CT.

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Happy 76th Birthday Keir
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Keir Dullea on

It is with great pleasure I wish Keir a Happy 76th Birthday. Personally, he doesn’t look a day over 60. He’s still looking quite good and I think it’s his work ethic that is keeping him young. It’s my sincere wish Keir spends this day with Mia, family, good friends and a glass of wine. Enjoy Keir.

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Keir In “The Starlost”
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I might have the chance of getting hold of Keir’s series THE STARLOST where he played the part of Devon. If I do, I’ll start screencapping and have them up in the gallery. Fingers crossed.

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Cast Photo From Script-In-Hand Reading of Morning’s At Seven
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The cast of “Script in Hand” reading 13 February 2012 at the Westport County Playhouse. Back row from l-r: Edward Hermann, Keir Dullea, Stephen Wellam, and Frank Converse. Front Row: Maria Tucci, Beth Fowler, Geneva Carr, Loretta Mackay and Mia Dillon (Keir’s Wife).

As the caption underneath says.

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Busy, Busy, Busy…Keir Is a Busy Man
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Just found this, Keir is going to be participating in a ‘variety’ show of sorts. Information below:

Michelle Dawson, Keir Dullea, Kevin Kern Set for Bridge Studio Variety Show

By Dan Bacalzo • Feb 13, 2012 • Las Vegas,North Jersey

A cast of Broadway, TV and film actors will participate in Bridge Studio’s second annual Variety Show, to be performed at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Dumont, NJ on Saturday, March 3 at 7:30pm.

The cast will feature Esther Barrosa, Joe Cassidy, Michelle Dawson, Keir Dullea, Kevin Kern, and Bart Shatto, as well as Bridge Studios’ Elizabeth Synnott and Andrea Prendamano.

Bridge Studio provides an encouraging arena for studying the arts, believing that all of its students, regardless of age or level, fuse their creative energies with their everyday lives.


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