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“The Path” Renewed for Third Season
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Keir’s show THE PATH as officially renewed for a third season by Hulu. According to Flickering Myth, a third season has been ordered. Not sure if Keir will be in it. I’m hoping we get confirmation via Keir’s wife Mia at the Facebook Group The Keir Dullea Appreciation Society. Considering that Keir’s character of Meyer is a figment of both Eddie (Aaron Paul) and Cal’s (Hugh Dancy) imagination, and the fact that Keir’s scenes are relatively short, here’s hoping Dr. Meyer ‘lives’ to see another season.

Hulu has renewed The Path for season 3

April 13, 2017 by Samuel Brace

The Path has been picked up for a third season by online streaming service Hulu.

The series revolves around a creepy cult headed by Hugh Dancy, and how Aaron Paul as a reluctant believer copes with his family being so intricately tied up in what’s goes on there.

Season two of the show debuted back in January with a two part premiere, and now we have news that Hulu has decided to pick up the series for a third season.

Showrunner Jessica Goldberg will return to the same duties for season three, and will also executive produce with Jason Katims and Michelle Lee.

With Hulu obviously having the goal of emulating the incredible success of Netflix, The Path is key to them forging ahead with their line up of original series to compliment their library of third party entertainment.

The season two finale of The Path can be caught on Hulu stating today.

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