Welcome to ODYSSEY ~ KEIR DULLEA ONLINE a site dedicated to the career of actor Keir Dullea. Best known for his role as Commander Dave Bowman in Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. In a career that has spanned five decades, Keir has worked in film and television including Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Castle, Damages, The Hoodlum Priest, Bunny Lake Is Missing, The Fox, Paperback Hero, David & Lisa, Madame X, Isn't It Delicious, and the sequel to 2001, 2010: Odyssey Two. Keir's favourite medium is the stage where he's starred in such projects as the original production of Butterflies Are Free, On Golden Pond, Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, P.S. Your Cat Is Dead, Doubles, Dr. Cook's Garden, I Never Sang for My Father, The Shawshank Redemption, Tales from Hollywood, The Cherry Orchard and many other workshop productions.

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Keir Dullea and Tom Zingarelli – A Small World Reading
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Keir Dullea and Actor Tom Zingarelli rehearse for A Small World at The Fairfield County Playhouse
Keir Dullea and Actor Tom Zingarelli rehearse for a reading of “A Small World” at the Fairfield County Playhouse, 25 January 2012.

I found a photo of Keir and actor Tom Zingarelli rehearsing for the reading of “A Small World” at the Fairfield County Playhouse. Enjoy.

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Keir Rehearsing for “Butcher’s Cabin”
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Keir just recently staged a reading for a new play for the Newtown, Conn. Stray Cats Theatre Company. More below the cut:

Rehearsing with the pros: ‘Butcher’s Cabin’ at Newtown

David Begelman, Theater Critic
Updated 06:31 p.m., Thursday, January 19, 2012

NEWTOWN — You’ve got to hand it to the Stray Kats Theatre Company and its artistic director, Kate Katcher. On what looks like a shoestring and a modest venue in Newtown’s Edmond Town Hall, audiences this past weekend had the privilege of watching professional actors do a staged reading of a new and thought-provoking play.

The drama was “Butcher’s Cabin” by playwright Kent R. Brown, an author of 16 other dramas produced in Canada, Belgium, The Netherlands and Australia, as well as in this country.

The company of two men and three women was led by Keir Dullea, best known for his leading role as Commander Dave Bowman in Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey,” as well as featured roles in many other films and plays.

In “Butcher’s Cabin,” the audience was in for a double treat: viewing performers begin a rehearsal of a play with scripts in hand, followed by a question and answer session with the playwright and his cast.

Amos Butcher (Dullea) is a felon convicted of a double murder who is given a compassionate release from prison due to a terminal illness. He is first seen in a cabin ravaged by inattention and filled with pornographic graffiti, the handiwork of marauding adolescents over the years.

Butcher is irate about the condition of the place, irascibly ordering others he has hired to clean things up. They include an alcoholic housekeeper, Valerie, a hireling who is a good deal short on task diligence and maturity herself, and her son.

The latter is a wastrel whose girlfriend, Jody, is a lesbian stripper who declares she may or may not marry him.

Butcher awaits the arrival of Charlene, whom he intends to marry despite the short time he has to live. Playwright Brown’s drama aims at depicting how all the principals are in various stages of conflict with each other, a tension that begins to dissolve as does the graffiti in a full-scale production.

Another side of Butcher is eventually revealed through sudden hallucinatory episodes he experiences that recall the eventful moments of the crimes for which he was sentenced to prison.

The characters, despite being members of a Tennessee underclass, draw together after Amos’ revelations. Jody performs the marriage ceremony of Amos and Charlene, while other characters join in the celebratory mood.

The drama is a work in progress for the playwright, the theme of which brings to mind one of Shakespeare’s observations: “How oft when men are at the point of death have they been merry.”

Dullea was capably assisted in the rehearsal by Katie Sparer, Kim Maresca, Emilie Roberts and Michael Wright, all of whom contributed solidly to the effort. Future productions at the theater include “Seascape,” “Wonderful World” and “The Subject Was Roses.”

“Butcher’s Cabin” was performed Saturday in the Alexandria Room of Edmond Town Hall, 45 Main St., Newtown. Tickets were $25 by reservation, $30 at the door. For details on future productions, call 203-514-2221 or visit


Looks like Keir’s keeping busy these days with theatre projects. I’d love to see this one, it sounds amazing. That description of Keir’s character being surrounded by pornographic graffiti and the fact he’s playing a convicted murderer. A combination of both makes this play a winner with Keir’s exceptional talent.

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Keir To Be Portrayed By “True Blood” Actor Jim Parrack
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Keir Dullea to be portrayed by True Blood actor Jim Parrack
Keir Dullea to be played by “True Blood” actor Jim Parrack
in the film “Sal” about the late Sal Mineo.

Keir is going to be portrayed by “True Blood” actor Jim Parrack in the film “Sal” a biopic of the late actor Sal Mineo. What’s wrong with this picture? Plenty. Parrack looks nothing like Keir. I tried to find a photo of Keir from around the time of Mineo’s death, which was 1976. I really don’t see any kind of a resemblance to Keir. I do, however, between Parrack and Keir’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY co-star Gary Lockwood. I could have understood that casting choice. Parrack apparently found no need to contact Keir about playing him. He rather decided to do that time-honoured thing of “relying on his own instincts”. Yeah, like that works when the real guy is still around. As much as I like Parrack, I just can’t like this casting choice.

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Keir to Give a Reading of “A Small World” Frederick Stroppel
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Keir is to give a reading of A SMALL WORLD by Frederick Stoppel at The Fairfield Museum and History Center.

A Small World by Frederick Stroppel

Sunday, January 22 3pm-5pm
Snow Date February 19
$20; Members, $15; Students, $10 suggested donation.

with Keir Dullea and Tom Zingarelli, directed by Mark Graham

This staged reading is the comic interpretation of a meeting between two unique and very different personalities. The Walt Disney film Fantasia was an unprecedented integration of music and image, including music by classical composer Igor Stravinsky. Small World, a new play by Frederick Stroppel, invites us into a conversation between internationally-acclaimed composer Stravinksy, 58, and Walt Disney, the dynamic 38-year-old creator of Mickey Mouse, as they discuss the groundbreaking film Fantasia.

For more information, please feel free to go to the website for Fairfield Museum and History Center. There you can register to attend. Thanks to Karli D Valerie Martin at the Keir Dullea Appreciation Society on FACEBOOK.

ETA: For anyone wanting to know how to comment on a post you simply hit the number, at this point it’s a 0 (zero) for both posts thus far, in the centre of the circle on the lower right hand side of each post box. You will be taken to a new page. Scroll down and you’ll see the comment box. I hope that helped.

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YEAR: 2012

Best known for his role as Commander Dave Bowman in the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, Keir has largely been underappreciated in terms of the high profile roles he should have been able to get after this astonishing film premiered in 1968, however, his face is one we know and his immortal words, “Open the pod bay doors HAL,” are iconic. Although Keir has worked for decades, this site’s aim is to establish a place for his work on the web. It’s hoped that people who didn’t know of Keir come to know of him and begin to experience anew what Keir has worked hard in accomplishing.

I’m hoping you come along with me in the building of this site. I know for me it’s been a labor of love to bring to the net something of a permanent residence for Keir’s work and for him the man. Thanks for your time and for your love of Keir.


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